​BlockAV PreICO token sale is now LIVE



1 ETH = 1200 BAV

Tokens sold to-date:

18 060 000 BAV

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About BlockAV

BlockAV is a decentralized antivirus solution which allows decentralization of the update and maintenance mechanisms of the software, traditionally performed by a central host, and uses a staggered scanning mechanism in order to improve performance.

The peer-to-peer network maintenance mechanism lowered the average update propagation speed by 500% and is far less susceptible to targeted denial-of-service attacks. The feed-forward scanning mechanism significantly improved end-to-end performance of the malware matching system, to a degree of an average x14 increase, by decomposing the file matching process into efficient queries that operate in verifiably constant time.

What will happen...


Invest in crowdsale

If you want to get the best offer, invest in PreICO(1 ETH = 1200BAV), after is over ICO will start with parity 1 ETH = 600 BAV


Wait for beta version

We will release beta version on Ropsten Ethereum Testnet and we will make the Linux version available for beta testers.
If you want to be a beta tester ping us on [email protected]


Trade tokens on exchanges

After ICO is over you will be able to trade tokens on exchanges.
We have already contacted some of the biggest exchanges and we wait for their confirmation.

Introducing the Future of Smart Decentralized Blockchain Infrastructure

Perfect for your business

Getting you the most out of your network

Best solution on the market

Amazing scanning mechanism - 14 time faster than any antivirus solution

Decentralized ecosystem

By using Ethereum blockchain technology our aim is decentralization & transparency

Available for every device

BlockAV will be available for both mobile and desktop systems

Easy to use

Simple & easy to use user interface


By using Ethereum technology there are no large databases to be maintained.


  • January 2018

    Crowdsale starts with PreICO 1ETH=1200 BAV

  • February 2018

    PreICO ends and ICO starts 1ETH=600BAV

  • March 2018

    Crowdsale end and token distribution

  • July 2018

    BlockAV 1.0-alpha Ethereum testnet

  • August 2018

    BlockAV 1.0-beta Ethereum testnet & mainnet. Limited access to beta testers

  • December 2018

    BlockAV 1.0 Production version of BlockAV

  • January 2019

    Mac OS X & Linux version

  • February 2019

    Windows version

  • March 2019

    Integration with others antivirus databases

It is safe


You will recieve a secure token (CAP) that will be stored into your Ethereum Wallet

Enjoy your cup of coffee

After you get the tokens you need to hold them if you want use the antivirus or you can trade them after crowdsale on exchanges

Be happy

Enjoy being part of the most revolutionary project on the blockchain

What's next?

We are committed to go live with BlockAV, regardless of the outcome of the ICO campaign.
Hence, there will be no soft-cap, because the project will continue and will go in production.
The pre-ICO round will provide an early opportunity to loyal contributors to join in prior to the full ICO.
The ICO will have a maximum duration of 4 weeks, closing the moment the tokens are sold out. During the round, the tokens are distributed in a first-come first-served basis.
Regarding the token issue timeline, the BAV tokens are planned to be issued to all contributors, as soon as their contributions are received. This timeline may be subject to further delays in the event of any unforeseen legal, certification, or regulatory compliance roadblocks. Up to one hundred million (21,000,000) BAV tokens will be minted.
The tokens will be available at the time of the pre-sale, and will be distributed immediately

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